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How does it work

The problem

Hair is a fundamental component of every person's aesthetics. When your self-esteem falls
may be affected and may feel annoyed by our changing appearance.

In reality, hair loss is absolutely natural, it is part of their natural life cycle. The problem arises when the loss is greater than the regrowth.

Although science is making progress in this sector, there is currently no product capable of treating baldness, however GR7 has a series of products that take care of the hair by slowing down the hair loss process.

The causes

There are several factors that lead to hair loss. Furthermore, the fall occurs differently between men and women. Normally in men it manifests itself with a receding hairline and a retreat of the frontal line, while
in women it widely affects the upper part of the head.

The causes can be multiple, affecting in particular:

  • particular conditions of stress for the organism or psychologically
  • lifestyle (diet lacking in proteins, fruit, vegetables, legumes, eggs);
  • hyper and hypothyroidism
  • frequent discolorations and dyes ;
  • incorrect use of hairdryers and straighteners;
  • inflammatory or autoimmune diseases.

The treatment

GR7 offers a safe, effective and natural treatment to take care of your hair and prevent hair loss.

By combining the external action of the anti-hair loss lotion and the hair revitalizing complex in capsules it is possible to strengthen the hair by giving it volume and texture, reducing hair loss.

The treatment will also work on the hair regrowth cycle at the same time, prolonging it and increasing the ability of the follicles to produce stronger hair. and contributing to regrowth.